The most “viral” game of 2017 was Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or just PUBG. Millions of players have replenished their collection with a copy of the game and are already in anticipation of the release of version 1.0, which should be released on December 20. Not asleep and developers of mobile games that decided to grab the ideas of a loud project, making your own PUBG to grab a little HYIP. We decided to highlight five of the best clones of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile platforms and tell you about them.

1. Grand Battle Royale

Cubic Grand Battle Royale closes the list of the best PUBG mobile clones. Although technically there are more successful competitors, but most of them are of the same type, and the most successful of them, of course, took the higher ranks of our top.

Grand Battle Royale completely slime with PUBG in all its elements. Its main difference is the pixel design, which has long ceased to be something special. Here is such a here is the zest. Lovers of “grapes” does not come, but fans of this style is still enough.

TOP 5 clones: games like PUBG for Android and iOS
Of the advantages of the game can be noted decent map size, variety of weapons, user-friendly interface and decent optimization. The game does not devour all the resources and consumes not so much traffic, which is a weighty argument for mobile devices. Definitely not enough opportunity to rummage around the house in search of loot, but the matches are so fast that just do not have time to get bored.

2. Bullet Strike Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike Battlegrounds is still cheese, but can already give odds to Grand Battle Royale. As a full-fledged mobile PUBG it can not be considered — too much should be “dopilivat” developers before the full release of the game. However, the material is encouraging and arouses interest.

The game was tested for a long time, passed the thorny path of updates, and as a result, a very good clone of the “Royal battle”appeared on the market. The main drawback of Bullet Strike Battlegrounds-a small amount of content, but as the developers promise, they will gradually eliminate this problem. I believe you, but wouldn’t it be too late? Already now there is a whole clip of much more interesting similar projects, and the competition here will be very tough.

3. Terminator 2 3D: Battle Royale

The third place was occupied by Terminator 2 3D: Battle Royale from Chinese developers, which appeared on the mobile market in China. Anyone can play it, just if you do not use Chinese app stores, then you have to make enough effort to achieve this goal.

The game itself has very little in common with the selected franchise. The menu plays the main theme of the Terminator, which is pretty cool, but sense adds. Judgment day and the war with the machines in no way connected with this copycat PUBG, at least not yet. Perhaps in the future there will be something related to the confrontation between humans and robots, but for now it is an ordinary battle Royale, but very exciting.
TOP 5 clones: games like PUBG for Android and iOS
Developers paid special attention to details. Very cool look of the gun and all the drop as a whole. At the same time, the environment is interactive. You can cross various buildings. The map is impressive in its size and in half of cases repeats the first map in PUBG. Also in the game there is a transport with the weapon. But it is operated so crooked that it can not be regarded as something useful. The sound lets you pinpoint where the enemy is relative to you. Whether it’s above or below your character. If it were not for the terrible optimization and a lot of bugs, then Terminator 2 3D: Battle Royale could claim a more decent result.

4. CrossFire: Legends

CrossFire: Legends-another Chinese clone of PUBG, which strongly resembles Terminator 2 3D: Battle Royale, but made much better. Here and with the optimization is not bad, and the picture is much nicer. It is very convenient to switch to the first person view, change the position of the player and, in General, the interface leaves only a pleasant impression.

The variety of weapons and other items is not inferior to competitors, but the appearance could be clearly much more interesting. Yes, there is a frying pan, which has almost become a symbol of PUBG, but the armor and clothing look like some consumer goods from the Chinese market. But the weapons, on the contrary, made very well and the first person to defuse the clip of a AK-47 like everyone.

TOP 5 clones: games like PUBG for Android and iOS
CrossFire: Legends takes the second place in the” contest of doppelgangers ” PUBG. By the way, the prefix CrossFire is not accidental. Those who played in the original, which in turn also is clone of, but copies already another game — Counter-Strike, accurately learn familiar elements.

5. Survivor Royale

Survivor Royale-this is a real Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on a mobile platform. The game is a modeled, translated copy of Terminator 2. Survivor Royale weighs a lot, but eats resources in moderation, which is even somewhat surprising for such an extensive game.

From the very beginning in the main menu you can appreciate the sea of settings, depth of customization and read about all the weapons. This is not even close PUBG. All items and some parts of the map resemble the parent version of the PC, and the gameplay is even more dynamic due to the smaller scale of the matches. The developers really cared about all the little things, and this approach has not gone unnoticed in the gaming community.


There is also a similar project Rules of Survival from the same developers of NetEasy. The game is more vivid and juicy than its follower. But in Survivor Royale a lot of work on errors and slightly improved interface. It has become more convenient.