Fortnite is an action game by Epic Games and People Can Fly, originally created as a multiplayer “survivalist” with zombie Apocalypse setting. Distinctive features of Fortnite: unusual visual style and advanced system of construction of barricades and shelters, designed to help in the fight against the constantly advancing waves of zombies.

Recently, the project received a free PvP-mode called “battle Royale”, similar to what is available in the incredibly popular today Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

What is Battle Royale?

The principle of gameplay Battle Royale is quite simple and clear. One hundred players land on a large desert island and begin to fight each other. The winner is only one player who will live at the end of the battle.

One of weapons and ammunition among the participants of the battle were not, all they will get is already on the island. Moreover, the equipment is randomly generated each time, so you can not know in advance where the most powerful weapons are hidden.

In addition, players are waiting for another danger – a snow storm, squeezing the island in a ring from all sides, thereby constantly reducing the playing area and making a meeting with the enemy inevitable. To sit in a safe place at participants of Battle Royale it will not turn out at all desire.

Game environment

In addtion in Fortnite: Battle Royale island is not only huge in size, but also a variety of environments. It is home to many destructible objects, both man-made and natural. There are forested areas, rocks, rivers and lakes. The number of residential and industrial buildings, trailer Parking, camping, hunting houses, towers and all difficult to count. Also, the island has a variety of terrain.

Additional game modes

In the “Royal battle” there are three additional modes, any of which can be selected before the game. The choice of regime determines the presence or absence of allies, as well as their number. In touch:
1. By yourself.
2. In a pair.
3. In the force.

So… The principle of gameplay for each clear from the title. In the first case player acts alone, in the second case together with partner, and in the third him yet to fight in the composition of the party from four people. Of course, all the participants are real users, not bots under AI control.

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