Rules of survival hack

Rules of survival hack

How to hack rules of survival?


  1. First of all, open Rules of survival hack tool
  2. Select the number of diamonds
  3. Select your device
  4. Click to continue

At this point, you need to solve the captcha. Follow the instructions to solve this.

If captcha is solved correctly, the hack will be completed automatically.

Check your game account and enjoy!


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If you find any bugs, please contact us. We release regular updates



Rules of survival hack tool features

Rules of survival hack features

Rules of survival hack features

  • This hack tool supports all devices
  • Safe to use with any accounts
  • Fixed bugs that caused the game crashes
  • Points are added automatically
  • Since we regularly update the hack tool, this glitch Still works in 2018

What about rules of survival?

In the overall game Rules of Success hack there’s a wide selection of tool and auxiliary topics, beginning from the standard and necessary, and concluding with various trifle which rarely will be beneficial to the easy player. As experience shows-the average player gets trapped in a safe area, searching for good weaponry and equipment selection. At the moment a solidified soldier already all gained, used a posture and looking forward to a victim. Inside our article we will inform about the key characteristics of the tool and present some advice you could quickly navigate prior to the battle.

Backpacks for objects

Backpacks serve to support the gear you carry. With out a backpack, the quantity of equipment you hold will be not a lot of, which means this item is very helpful. A couple of three degrees of such totes — the bigger the level, a lot more items holds. The capability indicator reaches the bottom kept.

Backpacks determine the amount of weapon you carry/
Body shield and helmet
Bulletproof vest or shield, also offers 3 levels-Lv.1 Lv.2 and Lv.3. With higher-level armor more. It’s important to learn that the 3rd degree of the vest provides not only a rise in shield, but also heightens other basic characteristics.

Body Shield Lv.3 shows up only in resource boxes
Helmet-this equipment, which is employed for protection mind from enemy problems. The helmet also offers 3 LV1 models. Lv.2 and Lv3, and the bigger the level, the bigger your protection.

The amount of the helmet 2, the undercarriage and the mandatory players
When you have a mobile version, nevertheless, you want to perform on your pc — this materials on running Guidelines of Success on the Laptop or computer will be beneficial to you.


You will discover five types of sets with ammunition and then you will need to navigate the colour. Pistols-orange; blue-machine weapons (SMG); green-cream — type machines; cream — shotgun; renewable iron container — sniper rifle.


Pistols are available in nearly every building. On their behalf, their own great deal in equipment is allocated. The harm is small and it is employed rarely, mostly it’s the start of the game. Here there are two types of pistol G18C, and the Desert Eagle, the second option is more harm. With our hack you can but any weapon in rules of survival.

G18c and Desert Eagle pistols
Shotgun (SG)
Shotgun-this is the” deadliest ” tool in close fight, especially useful in the study of the home and other premises. Fits, too, often. You will discover 3 types of shotgun: M1887 SG (2 cartridges), M870 SG (5 cartridges), AA12 SG (5 cartridges, automation).

The shotgun has already been at the average distance of no sense of computer
SMG light machine guns
This tool is proficient at close and medium ranges. In addition they, a great deal of scattered homes and sheds, very helpful at the start of the getting. You will find three types: SMG MP7, PP19 SMG, Thompson SMG. Each machine weapon has its small benefits and drawbacks.


Light machines

This glitch supports all guns in game. Individually say about the unusual (bonus offer) LGM machine firearm with the firepower around 100. They have high destruction and hearth rate. LGM you won’t find in properties or homes, it can only just be obtained through Resource Drop (the drop down by parachute containers with red rays).

Premium-machine gun

LGM prime machine gun
Machine weapons and rifles
These kinds of weaponry the most tradable in game, in order effective on brief, medium-size and distant-continental ranges. You will find 4 types of the weapons in Guidelines of Success: M14EBR RIFLE, M4A1, AR15 and AKM. Each tool has its benefits and drawbacks:

  • M4A1: the shot is steady but less lethal, has 4 additional accessories slots that can truly add stability and accuracy and reliability.
  • AR15: has fairly high correctness and deadly destruction, plus, 3 additional accessories that can optimize its capabilities.
  • AKM is comparable to AK-47, which includes the deadliest destruction among other rifles, but its correctness is less steady, and there are just 2 accessories (Muzle and Newspaper). Ideal for medium combat.
  • M14EBR: very uncommon weapon, you won’t face it in properties or residences. Has deadly destruction, and high reliability and balance make it the deadliest tool.

Machine weapons – the most functioning weapon

Sniper rifles (SR)

Sniper rifle is a lethal tool at long ranges, close range is also quite lethal, but it is difficult to regulate, in a frontal collision with the opponent. These rifles are convenient to utilize with a supplementary X8 space. In the overall game there are 3 types: Barret, AWM and SVD.

Barret: among other sniper rifles Barrett gets the most harm and the best correctness cheats.
AWM: has fatal one-time harm. Minus — taking pictures wakes up the optics, and then difficult again to get the foe on sight, particularly if he operates. On 2x optics, the foe can be wiped out with an individual shot.
SVD: the most recent weapon of the type , that was recently put into the latest revise. SVG differs from AWM for the reason that they have more ammunition, so when firing it generally does not get rid of optics.
Sniper-and-the good-optics-more often-challenge-in-box-with-supplies
Sniper and good optics often land in the field with supplies
To many weapons there are always a dozen additional items. Silencers (audio of shot, fire or smoke cigarettes), compensator that boosts accuracy. Special deals with (Foregrip and Triangle Grasp). Stabilizing cheats the vertical and horizontal shaking of rifles and machine weapons when fired. Additionally it is worth talking about about the things to raise the store and recharge velocity.


Optics work-this is the most ambiguous as of yet bug game. You can find 5 types of items: Holo View, Red Dot Eyesight, 2x Opportunity, 4x Opportunity, and 8x Opportunity. Here there is certainly nothing to describe — the bigger the worthiness of X, the higher the number of eyesight and fire. The difficulty here’s different — a uncommon sight hinder textures that constantly nedorogaya, or do it belatedly. Even the opponent’s device can disappear and appearance. Because of this, we get an image of continuous blinking. The lawn in the length is not filled too. Incidentally, many people want: “how to eliminate grass in Guidelines of Success?”, regarding optics-it disappears :).

The types of hacks

Hack for Treatment
In addition, the cheats run it will probably be worth mentioning about the procedure. It’s important part of any shooter. The overall game features various kinds Horsepower level-up-energy drink, plaster, medical set up and Boxing, where various kinds restoration can be arbitrarily located.

Restoring health hack
Bring back health in the overall game.
In fact, Guidelines of Success has a typical group of characteristics for shooters weaponry, items and equipment. When you have your own commentary on this article, tips or secrets on the overall game. Just write in the feedback for hack, it’ll be great for others to learn.


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